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Personal Development Coaching for Education

Personal development coaching can support and move forward teaching staff who are dealing with personal life challenges that they are not comfortable discussing with colleagues. This independent third party coaching is designed to enable staff members to address their issues and reduce any negative impact they may be having in the classroom and school community.

Brilliant classroom teachers can still find communication with adults a challenge, whether inside or outside the school. Group workshops or individual coaching can increase their understanding of how they impact on others and teach them practical ways to achieve the communication results that both they, and the school, want.

A teacher returning to work after maternity leave is a good example of where providing support will have a positive impact in the classroom.  Upon returning to work the practicalities and emotions of leaving a new baby can be overwhelming.

Just a couple of three hour, one to one sessions with a Coach, provided as ‘Keep in Touch’ days, can give the teacher a feeling of confidence and control as she returns to work, reducing the likelihood of absence, sustaining classroom performance and increasing staff loyalty for the school.
  • Offer personal support without intruding

  • Develop effective skills for successful communication with parents and colleagues

  • Improve internal & external relationships

  • Reduce potential absence